First exhibition at APERTO gallery in loft “Quarter” by Daria Irincheeva “Path Through Long Grass”, January 2013 © APERTO gallery

APERTO gallery was founded in 2012 by the young contemporary art curator, Elena Yushina, along with a team made up of her friends and colleagues. It was a gallery and alternative space in St. Petersburg, Russia, that worked with young Russian and International artists. The project was one of the first initiatives in St. Petersburg for the integration between the young Russian art scene and the international art community.

APERTO gallery in St. Petersburg was a tribute to the history of contemporary art and in particular to the outstanding curators of the 20th century, Achille Bonito Oliva and Harald Szeeman who in 1980 created a unique “Aperto” section (from the Latin “go forward” and “open widely”) at the Venice Biennial to promote young artists. This section existed up until the mid 1990′s and was a place where “trans-avant-garde movements,” according to Bonito Oliva’s definition, “aligned with new artistic practices”.

APERTO gallery was more than an exhibition space, it was a platform for experimentation between art professionals, art lovers, promising young artists, curators and a wider audience, with educational programs and meetings.